Friday, April 4, 2014


It's the last week!!! Whoo Hoo! I am looking forward to a little downtime....however, I will miss all the students so much!!! This has been an amazing class of youths. I truly love them all! I will be sad to say goodbye for now and hopefully see everyone again in the fall....however, this time I will be coming as just mom. I will be taking a year break from tutoring. Not sure how I will like that.....I do love teaching so much.
Anyhow....I also want to thank all my moms in the class. You guys are such amazing ladies and mothers and teachers. You all helped me out so very much. I could not have done it all without you. I also want to say, I have learned from all of you...your examples to me have been priceless. Thank you for your willing hearts.
Sooo, with all that said, this week's presentation will be a simple show and tell of something that is special to the student, something that means something to them. They will present the object and tell why it is so special. Try and fill the allotted 2-3 minutes each. 
Don't forget....for our end of the year presention.....the students should be looking up info on their first characters. How did they dress, act, talk, walk, what is a famous quote of theirs? For the second will need one a mustache or hat, or scarf...whatever distinguishes yourself as that second character and that's easy to throw on. Try and go over the lines we learned last Tues and we will practice again this Tues during review time.
Remember moms to send me any pics of our class to my email and I will send if over to Rebecca. Thank you so much.
Please send me a message if there is any questions.
Shannon C.
Oh...and we did not choose a costume for this I have decided that I want you to either dress up as the occupation you would like to be when you are older....or dress up as someone you prepared to explain..