Friday, March 28, 2014

Two weeks to go!!!!

This weeks presentation speech is a persuasive speech. 2-3 minutes in length and focused on all the public speaking skills. Last week we took time to go over some of those and I was proud of you all for the changes you made.  Think of this as like a commercial: you are persuading your audience to buy something, like something, need something, or do something. Use visuals, props, costume, whatever would enhance your speech. And remember, don't stress over this.....I don't want anyone getting upset at 10:00 at night the night before. This should be fun for everyone.
Don't forget, moms, if you have pictures for the yearbook...please send them to my email in the next week or so. I have to turn them into Rebekah soon. We need about 5 of them.
For the end of the year program: be looking into your characters....what did they do, act like, walk like, talk like....ect....the more you know about them, the more you can enhance your performance. Think about your first main characters and what costume you can wear for that.
And speaking of costume......this Tues is surprise costume day. Should be interesting.
See you soon.
Shannon C.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 22

Three more weeks to go, ladies!! Hard to believe. I will miss all of you over the summer. Maybe we can plan some fun park days or something.
For this coming week, we did not talk about presentation. it is: The students will recite a classic poem. They will have 2-3 min. Please try and memorize this poem as much as they can. No one should be staring at a sheet of paper the entire time. The students can bring props, costume, or even act out the poem. Get creative.
The focus for the presentations is to review all the public speaking please go over those with your students at home.
Costume attire for this week is : 50's. This should be a lot of fun. I need to dust off my pink ladies jacket!!!
Reminder for the end of the year program: Joey: Napoleon week 11 and 12. and Stalin week 17
 Gabriel: Micheal Angelo week 6 and Tojo week 17, Micah: Da Vinci week 6 and Roosevelt week 17, Ethan: Ronald Reagan week 21 and MacAurther week 17, Mia: Margaret Thatcher week 21 and Eisenhower week 17, Christian: Copernicus week 6 and Hitler week 17, Jane: British General Wellington week 11 and 12 and Mussolini week 17, Isabelle: Shakespeare week 6 and Churchill week 17.
Memorize completely your sentences that go along with the characters. and look into your characters histories. Find out about them. How did they talk, dress, act like, etc....
I will write the script and we will start practicing next week.
I can't wait to see you guys do this. You are all wonderful.
Mrs. Shannon

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hello dear friends,
Sorry this is so late in the week. Like all of us moms, I have been in a perpetual state of TIRED.
Soooo, for this week, the rest of the students (they know who they are) will do their demonstration presentations. I love these!!! Someone always brings yummy food. The focus is tempo.
Also, the students decided on Kamo for their costume attire. I love that they have so much fun with this. One problem though, Rebekah informed us that our class will be taking pictures for the yearbook, so keep that in paint on the face unless that is how you want to go in your yearbook pic.
I have decided on History sentences for the End of the Year presentation for our class. Each student will be dressing as a historical figure or two and we will present our sentences with Mrs. Shannon "flair".....Or I like to call it Bill and Ted influenced. (For those moms who have seen that movie in the 90's )
Oh...also, someone hacked into our blog page and sent some weird letter to me their. Please disregard.
Shannon C.
Don't forget, 10$ for Ka'Saundra's present and if anyone has any pictures of our class or students in class for the yearbook, please send them to me by email. Thank you so much.!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

From Miss Yami Alain

From Miss Yami Alain.

Dearest one,

Good day and how do you do, I hope fine.

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I am 20 years old and the only Daughter of my parent, Late Mr & Mrs Ubani Alain, Native of Aboisso, republic of Ivory Coast or (Cote D'Ivoire). Due to the series of continuous civil war in my country for multiple years ago, there is this huge amount of Eight Million, five hundred thousand U.S dollars ($8.500, 000.00) which my late father deposited in finance firm in Ivory Coast here before he was assassinated by some unknown enemies.

Now I have decided to invest this money in your country or anywhere safe enough for security and political reasons. I urge that you help me to invest this fund in your country in any lucrative venture.

If you can be of an honest and sincere assistance to me, I will be pleased to offer to you 15% of the total fund for your kind and humane assistance.

Further details will be made known to you upon the confirmation of your interest to assist me.

I am immensely waiting for your urgent response
With due regards,
Miss Yami Alain

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Week 20!!!!

Hello my friends and wonderful students!!!
We are in the final stretch. Lots to do!!! We need to start thinking about our end of the year 5 min. performance. I told Ka'Saundra that we would do something involving History sentences and Classical music. Sounds interesting huh?? Also, If any of the students are prepared to do memory masters this year, I need to know now. Please talk to me about it on Tues.
So for our presentation time this coming week, Gabriel, Isabelle, Christian and Joey will be doing a demonstration of some kind. Can't wait for these!!! My favorites are the ones involving food!!
Next week, Jane, Mia and Ethan will demonstrate. The students have 5-6 min. each. The focus is on gestures. Don't be stiff, use your body to communicate as well. Like the Italians do!!
Dress up: Beach attire or Island attire. No bathing suits please.
Also, if you bring in your maps you have been drawing at home, Mrs. Michelle will share a nice treat with you. Get drawing!!!
See you Tues.
Shannon C.