Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 22

Three more weeks to go, ladies!! Hard to believe. I will miss all of you over the summer. Maybe we can plan some fun park days or something.
For this coming week, we did not talk about presentation. it is: The students will recite a classic poem. They will have 2-3 min. Please try and memorize this poem as much as they can. No one should be staring at a sheet of paper the entire time. The students can bring props, costume, or even act out the poem. Get creative.
The focus for the presentations is to review all the public speaking please go over those with your students at home.
Costume attire for this week is : 50's. This should be a lot of fun. I need to dust off my pink ladies jacket!!!
Reminder for the end of the year program: Joey: Napoleon week 11 and 12. and Stalin week 17
 Gabriel: Micheal Angelo week 6 and Tojo week 17, Micah: Da Vinci week 6 and Roosevelt week 17, Ethan: Ronald Reagan week 21 and MacAurther week 17, Mia: Margaret Thatcher week 21 and Eisenhower week 17, Christian: Copernicus week 6 and Hitler week 17, Jane: British General Wellington week 11 and 12 and Mussolini week 17, Isabelle: Shakespeare week 6 and Churchill week 17.
Memorize completely your sentences that go along with the characters. and look into your characters histories. Find out about them. How did they talk, dress, act like, etc....
I will write the script and we will start practicing next week.
I can't wait to see you guys do this. You are all wonderful.
Mrs. Shannon

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